Why I’m writing

I touched on this a bit in my previous post, but I brought this website back after a long, long period of time. After so much time has passed, I’m actually quite surprised that I’ve had the urge to write.

I actually tried my hand at writing a short story a while ago. I got caught up so much on the little details – what does this sentence say to the reader? Do these words flow properly? Will this set up this character properly for the long haul?

I only got a couple paragraphs in.

And to be honest, I think it’s because of a desire to be perfect, which can be a crippling desire.

When I was in school, we talked about ‘voice’, and how that was one of the most important aspects of writing. Don’t tell a story, tell your story. Mistakes are part of voice. Imperfection is part of your story. It’s hard to accept these thoughts, but it’s necessary.

In any creative venture, it is necessary to roll with the punches. Accept mistakes, learn from them, and continue to grow.

And now I finally pull all this all into why I’m writing. I believe that I need to force myself to make mistakes in something. I think it’s necessary to force myself to create, even if it’s not the perfect idea of what I want to create. And ultimately, I think that building this habit will put me into a better spot when it comes to creating my own projects.

Falling Damage Beginnings

So I decided to reactivate this site after a long, long period of being deactivated. I’ve felt the urge to write recently, and I’m not exactly sure why.

To give a bit of history, I bought this domain something like 8 years ago. At the time, I was working on my first ‘big’ game. I had already been programming for years, and I got a couple of my friends together – Sark, and Jason – and we went about making our first big title.

Of course, we chose the most realistic goal – an MMORPG.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with MMORPG, that stands for Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. Quite a mouthful. In most cases, it’s a fully realized online world, where the player can be just part of another universe. World of Warcraft is commonly seen as the most popular one.

It’s the type of game that every new developer wants to create. I think part of the fascination with it is ┬áthat you really can fully create a new world. For us, we just wanted to bring back a lost love of sorts – Dransik. But more on that later.

Often times, when developers first share their idea with the world, they start it like this:

“Wow! Guys, I have this crazy new idea. It’s a realistic first person zombie killing MMORPG where the economy is fully player controlled, and the world is entirely built by the players, and after we’ve created it we don’t really have to do anything but watch the money roll in! Who wants to be part of my amazing idea? !!!111!”

I threw in a few 1’s in there at the end for good measure.

Now, I don’t want to discredit anyone from dreaming. That’s the first step to starting something real.

But Falling Damage is a prime example of how dreaming is just that – a dream. And one day, you might wake up and forget it after breakfast.

Take heed of my story, fair people. Listen to the beginning of a jump, and hope that you have enough hit points to survive the fall.

Part 1.